Lucie Parsons is one of the young changemakers, recognised for her outstanding contribution to the local community.

As part of #iwillweek this week, we wanted to share the story of another local #iwill ambassador, Lucie Parsons. 

Keep reading to find out more about Lucie and what she has been involved with:

We are living through a time of unprecedented challenge. Now more than ever we need to value the role that young people can play and support them to become active citizens. Because they have the energy, skills and ideas to change society and the environment for the better.

Fifty inspirational young people have taken their place as part of a 300-strong movement of ambassadors leading the #iwill campaign. These remarkable 10-20 year olds hail from all walks of life and all four nations of the country. But they have one thing in common – a passion that drives them to help others.

Lucie Parsons from East Riding of Yorkshire, who has worked with The Deep Aquarium, has this to say. I was upset about the effects of plastic pollution, so I organised a group to collect plastic litter in our village. The manager of The Deep, the aquarium in Hull, saw a poster I’d made about my litter collection and asked me to talk at a conference to 200 aquarium curators from across the EU. It was scary, but I did it. Because of my speech, all the aquariums signed up to a plastic pledge that will save thousands of turtles. I’m now an ambassador for Kids Against Plastic and have talked with the Scottish Youth Parliament about reducing plastic waste”.

“Stories like these demonstrate the difference any individual can make early on in life,” said Rania Marandos, CEO of Step Up to Serve, which coordinates the #iwill campaign. “Young people all across the UK are reaching out to members of their communities – peers, parents, teachers, youth workers – to create positive change together through campaigning, mentoring, fundraising or volunteering. Since 2013, #iwill has become a powerful cross-sector movement of over 1,000 organisations committed to transforming the role of young people in society.”

The new cohort of #iwill ambassadors was recognised on Friday 4th October at a special one-off event at The Great Hall, University of Birmingham. They came together to explore – with other young people, campaign partners and decision-makers – what more needs to be done to grow the power of young people to take action, have their voices heard and make a positive difference.

For more information on the iwill campaign and the work of Lucie and other Young Ambassadors, please visit:

But it doesn’t stop there…..

  • Lucie watched Blue Planet 2, was very upset and distressed about the plastic pollution that was happening in the oceans and drew a poster for the village on 13th Dec 2017.
  • Lucie applied for the position of position of Young Research Advisor for the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) after seeing the advert 19th Feb 2018.
  • Lucie attended her first NCB meeting on the 3rd March 2018 in London.  She learnt about and discussed the following:
    • What is research? And what methods are used in research.
    • NHS data
    • Child Mortality Rates
  • 20th March 2018, Lucie worked online with the NCB to help inform a survey that was being done by Y Care International, an international relief agency of the YMCA, and the future work they wanted to partake in.
  • Lucie attended an NCB meeting in London on 24th March 2018, discussing research with the Obesity Policy Research Unit about the marketing of sugary/fatty foods and the Care Quality Commission to discuss how they monitor different healthcare services.
  • Went to the beach on 3rd April 2018 and Lucie became upset at all the plastic pollution and started to clean up with her brother.  This is when Lucies beach cleans and litter picks started.  We still do them very regularly now no matter where we are or what country we are in. After being upset from the scenes witnessed at the beach Lucie Organised her first beach clean by getting mum to put a notice post on a village Facebook group.  She felt strongly after seeing the pollution and mess that was left from the recent storms. 8th April 2018
  • May 2018 Lucie devised a questionnaire to ask children at her school what their thoughts on plastic pollution was.  Lucie sent the questionnaires out to each classroom in Key stage 2.  All children filled them in, and Lucie pulled the evidence together.  Lucie was to present this at her speech in June.
  • Lucie helped the NCB online to prepare a response to the government’s “Children’s Future Food Inquiry” on the 21st September 2018,
  • Lucie was asked to deliver the opening keynote speech at the European Union of Aquarium Curators conference on the 16th October 2018 after CEO of The Deep Katy Duke saw Lucie’s poster and beach cleans on twitter.

Lucie is involved in so many activities across the area, so much more than what we have listed above. We are pleased to share that Lucie is a Volunteen Ambassador and will be supporting us to develop a youth voice project in the coming months.

If you are working with an inspirational young person, and would like to share their story with us, please email, as we would love to know more about other young people like Lucie! 🙂


Photo credit to Charisse Kenion.

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