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Gardening with Maddie Moate

Sunflower Growing Competition
Bring out everyone’s competitive spirit by having a competition to see who can grow the tallest sunflower! Challenge your friends and family to see who has the greenest fingers!!
P.S Be careful not to buy dwarf sunflower seeds!!

Pip plants
Even if you don’t have any seeds you could always get creative with seeds from the fruit and vegetables you eat!
Haven’t got any compost? – use soil from the garden, take large stones out.
Haven’t got any pots? – cut the top section off a plastic bottle, and put some holes in the base – voila! You have a pot with drainage holes! (Put on a plate or saucer to catch water that leaks through drainage holes)

Make a miniature garden
Check out these really imaginative ideas for making your own miniature garden or landscape.

Make a bug hotel
Support wildlife in your garden by making a bug hotel. This can be on as big or small scale as you like. Here’s some ideas of the different ways and sizes.

Make a bug house
For a simpler make but just as useful to wildlife try gluing pine cones together in a big cluster to make a cool home for ladybirds. Easy!

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