Is Zoom safe?

Due to the lockdown, more and more people are using online software to enable them to connect through video conferencing, whether this is through work, connecting with family members or even educational purposes, but how safe are these methods?

One of the popular software apps that a lot of people are using at the moment, including ERVAS, is Zoom. The Cyber Crime team at Humberside Police have done some work to check out how safe this software is.

Due to the nature of technology and the speed on how different software apps get developed, nothing can be 100% secure. However, read below the potential risks and how ERVAS and Humberside Police are following the guidance to safeguard everybody who takes part in the Scams, Fraud and Cybercrime workshop and other meetings using the zoom app.

We would encourage anyone else who is hosting or utilising zoom meetings to follow the same guidance.

The ‘Zoom Bomb’ phenomenon