Community Link

About Community Link

People often have a range of issues that affect their health and wellbeing as well as their medical issues…

Your Community Link Worker –

  • Has lots of knowledge about local services and what is going on in your local community
  • Can spend time with you to understand any issues or concerns that might be affecting your health and wellbeing
  • Will work with you to find the right support and information


When they can help

Community Link Workers can help anyone aged 18 or over in a range of circumstances, for example…

  • You might have recently moved to the area and are feeling isolated and want to know about local activities
  • You might be feeling a bit low or anxious, lonely or out of touch with your community
  • You may have been recently diagnosed with a long-term condition and want to know how to get more support or meet other people living with the same condition
  • Your circumstances may have changed due to bereavement, job loss or a relationship breakdown
  • Your health may be affected by issues such as money problems or debt


What they can do

Sometimes all it takes if for someone to listen to you and let you know what help there is…

This might be as simple as getting involved in a social activity or putting you in touch with professionals that can help you.

Your Community Link Worker will –

  • Spend some time talking to you to understand the issues that might be affecting your health and wellbeing
  • Share information with you about local services and activities that might be of interest
  • Provide practical support to put you in touch and help you access the right services and groups


Accessing the Service

If you’re 18 or over, any member of the practice team* or health professional listed below that you are in contact with, can arrange an appointment with a Community Link Worker.

For information ask your –

  • Doctor
  • Practice Nurse
  • Receptionist
  • Health Professional


Information Sharing

At your first meeting with a Community Link Worker you will be provided with written information telling you how your information will be used and, where appropriate, shared.


Community Link is funded by –

NHS East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group as part of the Community Services contract awarded to City Health Care Partnership CIC.


Community Link is jointly delivered by –

  • East Riding Voluntary Action Services (ERVAS) LTD
  • Humber and Wolds Rural Community Council (HWRCC)
  • South Holderness Resource Centre (SHoRes)

On behalf of City Health Care Partnership CIC.

For more information, please call Community Link on 0303 040 1019 or email